Wally Funk Commemorative Patch - LIMITED EDITION Maximize

Wally Funk Commemorative Patch - LIMITED EDITION

In 1961, 13 women were recruited and successfully underwent the same psychological and physiological tests as the members of the Mercury 7.  However, the non-NASA sanctioned testing was abruptly cancelled in October of that same year. None of the women ever flew to space...UNTIL 2021!

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On July 20, 2021, the youngest member of that group of trailblazing women, Mary Wallace (Wally) Funk finally realized a life-long dream of flying to space. At age 82, she not only broke John Glenn's record by becoming the oldest person in space, but also broke a glass ceiling 60 years in the making. 

This commemorative patch entitled Our Dream Realized celebrates the tenacity, drive, determination, and collective dream to answer the question "Can women be astronauts?"

Designed by artist Tim Gagnon, the patch includes Wally Funk and the twelve other women who endured the same grueling tests in 1961. Those women include: Myrtle Cagle, Jerrie Cob, Janet and Marion Dietrich, Sarah Ratley, Jane Hart, Irene Leverton, Jean Hixson, B Steadman, Gene Nora Jessen, Jerri Truhill, and Rhea Woltman.

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