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Original 6 Female Astronauts Patch

Original 6 patch - 5 inches

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This patch celebrates the first six NASA female astronauts who were selected in 1978. As a part of NASA's Group 8 class of astronauts, this class was the first to select women and African-Americans, and the first class to pick both pilots and mission specialists. The focus of the patch is the "Vitruvian Woman" split into orbit clothing and a spacesuit. The shuttles launching into space and orbiting the Earth illustrate its mission abilities. The gold Astronaut Pin (which each astronaut earns upon flying in space) is combined with the symbol of women to complete the design. 

The patch was designed by Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes with consultation and feedback from Anna Fisher, Rhea Seddon, and Kathy Sullivan, 3 of the Original 6 female astronauts. The other women are Shannon Lucid, Judith Resnik, and Sally Ride.