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Peggy Whitson Patch

IWASM EXCLUSIVE - Snag your piece of women in space history before they're gone!

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Designed by artist Tim Gagnon, this LIMITED EDITION commemorative patch celebrates retired NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson's groundbreaking experience in space. 

Throughout the design, Gagnon captured the tip of the iceberg of Whitson's accomplishments in space as a NASA astronaut in her 40+ year career. As a NASA astronaut, Whitson broke the record for total accumulated time in space by any woman or American astronaut, at 675 days total. She also holds the record for most spacewalks performed by a woman, with 10, and she retired from NASA in 2018. She is now the head of the Axiom Space Astronaut program, and flew back to the International Space Station as recently as 2022 as a civilian astronaut. 

Snag your piece of women in space history before they're gone!